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farscaperewatch's Journal

Down the Rabbit Hole
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Welcome to Down the Rabbit Hole - a community dedicated to once again spreading the Farscape love.

Everyone is welcome, whether you were a dedicated fan when it originally aired or a total newbie to the series. Join us in watching one of the best Sci Fi series ever created!

How it works:

We'll be watching one episode per week, starting April 5th, 2009. Each Sunday we will make two posts - one for those rewatching, and one for the newbies. You'll have the entire week to watch the ep, then join the discussion on the appropriate post.


01.) No character bashing, period. Lovingly mocking silly things is fine, but outright bashing is not permitted. Three warnings and you will be banned.

02.) No trolling or fighting. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, whether you agree with it or not. Three warnings and you will be banned.

03.) No ship wars. We get enough of that elsewhere.

04.) Keep all spoilers to the rewatch post only - we don't want to spoil the newbies. You are free to join the discussion on either post as long as you keep this rule in mind.

05.) Have fun!

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